Customized software development

Nowadays, market success depends largely on IT solutions. Entrepreneurs are aware that investing in software development is not an option but a necessity. Popular management support programs are present in every company today.

rozwiązania informatyczne

Market research indicates the growing demand for specialized applications, focusing on a small, specific segment of the company’s operations. Interest in mobile applications also increased significantly, especially in the context of the tools used to reach customers and increase sales.

We specialize in customized business software. We design and develop applications based on the latest technologies and trends, including mobile applications.

Agile software development

An infinite loop of the creative process

Despite the theoretical finalization of the project and product implementation, this is not the end. Along with receiving feedback from software users, we proceed to analyze their ideas, introduce improvements, new functionalities and modifications that will improve the operation and performance of the product. We develop software together with the client, integrate with systems, implement, train new users and provide support and assistance in software maintenance.

zwinne tworzenie

We will transform your vision
into full-fledged software

We provide support at every stage of software development and implementation, from business analysis, through programming, implementation, testing and stabilization, to maintenance and development. We integrate applications with client and partner systems.

Customer idea for software!

Necessity is the mother of invention! There is no software on the market that would meet your needs? Do you want to design your software and develop it according to your vision?

Contact the T2T SYSTEM team

Tell us details about the product vision, your needs, expectations and the most important functionalities. As part of information security, we guarantee the signing of a project confidentiality agreement!

Preparation of the project implementation plan

After previous joint consultations on the details of the project, our specialists will prepare a project implementation plan based on the latest technologies!

Presentation of the implementation plan together with the valuation

At the meeting, we will present you our implementation project and a preliminary quote. At this stage, the most important aspect is consulting the project with the client and thoroughly discussing the details of the product.

The last step, signing the contract and we are starting!

With the signing of the contract, our team begins work on the implementation of the project, being in contact with the customer and his product vision at every step of the work.

Modern development technologies

nowoczesne technologie
nowoczesne technologie

You have an idea for a custom ...

aplikacje mobilne

Android / iOS mobile application?

Mobile applications are distinguished primarily by their speed of action, versatility and functionality. To use them, we only need a functional mobile device.


Nowadays, the percentage of network traffic coming from mobile devices is increasing, and the company’s development towards mobility can bring unexpected results and improve many elements of business.

Web portal?

Solutions in the form of a web portal guarantee the greatest mobility among applications. This is due to the lack of need to install the application and allows you to use it on any device, from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection. An additional advantage is also the fast software update process and introducing modifications.

aplikacje webowe
aplikacje desktopowe

Desktop application?

Desktop applications are distinguished by a high level of security, performance and reliability. The software works in the offline mode and does not require an internet connection, and access to the application has only designated computers on which the software has been implemented. This minimizes the dangers that may occur in publicly available applications and those operating on the network.

System Integrations?

System integration projects are designed to ensure consistency and connect the IT solutions used in the company so as to enable efficient data flow between them. Optimizing business processes, easier information exchange and increasing the quality and convenience of work are just some of the advantages of using integrated IT systems.

integracje systemów

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We will prepare an offer and present the best possible solutions.

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