In cooperation with the Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz, we designed, created and implemented the GIERMEK mobile and server application for the in-building navigation system of Kazimierz Wielki University as part of the “University of Equal Opportunities” project. The GIERMEK mobile application makes it easier for visually impaired and blind people as well as people without visual impairment (e.g. foreigners) to move around selected university facilities. A unique feature of GIEMRKA is its high functionality, developed by a team of designers and testers with visual impairment and motor disabilities.

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The application, based on wireless in-building information devices (beacons), generates appropriate text messages, which are automatically converted into voice messages using a speech synthesizer (in Polish and English) when the device is near the beacon. Thus, GIERMEK guides the user to the destination along the optimal path in a given building / storey. After making a change from the default input state to the output state, the application directs the user to the optimal way to exit the building. GERMEK also has an evacuation mode, which, when triggered by the administrator, informs users about the need to evacuate the building and helps to leave the building in the fastest way, leading the shortest way to the exit.

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In addition, GIERMEK integrates with the camera / camera of a mobile device, allowing users to scan QR codes and receive assigned messages.

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