IT support for enterprises

Permanent IT support means security and business continuity. It is access to modern solutions that will make your business more effective. There are also a number of financial benefits, such as reducing the costs of maintaining IT infrastructure and improving the quality of services. You get more, you pay less.

rozwiązania informatyczne

Czym jest Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a modern management strategy, which involves transferring the obligations and responsibilities associated with specialized tasks, usually not directly related to the company’s operations, to an external company.


Transferring activities related to the maintenance of IT infrastructure to a business partner brings benefits in the form of improving the quality of service while reducing its costs.

We’ve been involved in IT outsourcing for 10 years. We serve companies operating in various industries: production, transport and logistics, hotel, accounting, commercial and educational institutions. We provide comprehensive IT services for any company, regardless of its size and resources. We provide technical support in solving IT problems that arise during everyday work, we provide advice when choosing effective IT solutions.

Dlaczego warto skorzystać
z outsourcingu IT?

Lower cost and simple rules

Outsourcing offers not comparable lower costs than in the case of employing a full-time employee. An additional advantage of outsourcing services is the simple way of settling accounts. Fixed price, invoice, one transparent settlement of services per month, as well as flexible payment deadline. Everything is done so that the use of our services is as convenient as possible.

Access to a wide range of specialists

A decisive advantage of using outsourcing services is also access to a team that specializes in many fields of IT. A single full-time person is not able to possess as many qualifications and knowledge as a team of many people. A frequent problem is also the lack of possibility to check the competences of the candidate during the interview.

24/7 availability and service guarantee

The advantage over a full-time employee is the active, immediate help and availability of the 24/7 IT team. Our employees’ roster guarantee support for companies regardless of the moment at which a failure or other technical problem occurs. An invaluable advantage is also the lack of the need to take into account employee absenteeism as a result of leave or sick leave.

W ramach outsourcingu IT nasi
klienci otrzymują

Instant remote IT support

Our specialists immediately help with any problems related to the work and operation of IT elements in the company.

Duty of IT specialists at the company's headquarters

As part of our roster, we look after your business when you need it most. Every report and problem is resolved as soon as possible.

Advice on the implementation and application of IT technologies

With full professionalism, we help in the selection and adaptation of appropriate software and IT technologies in the company.

Services related to the construction and administration of Microsoft Windows servers

As an authorized Microsoft partner, we have relevant experience in the construction and administration of Windows servers.

Support for computers, servers, cash registers, office equipment

We provide full care and assistance in the event of any technical problems related to computer or office equipment.

Services related to ensuring security and data archiving (Backup)

We provide all services related to network security, we back up data in a way that ensures the highest possible security for the company.

Services related to the design, construction and administration of computer networks

Our administrators build professionally designed computer networks tailored to your needs and take care of them as part of the administration.

How much does IT outsourcing cost?

Wspólnie stworzymy plan dla Twojej firmy!

The price of outsourcing services depends on many factors, including the number of computer stations, physical servers or workload. We approach each of our clients individually, we adjust the cost of services to the capabilities and needs of your company.


Contact us, together we will create a service plan for you and calculate the total cost.

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