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Software Development

As part of each project, we offer our clients several payment models.

The Fixed Price model is a fixed amount that we determine with the client as part of the consultation at the beginning of the project.

Another method of settlement is the Time & Material model. The cost of the project is based on the programmers’ working hours devoted to the project.

We are also open to other payment models proposed by the customer. The price of each project is individual and depends on many factors, among others platforms on which the application is to be created, functionalities.

Payment for the project is divided into stages where, with each completed stage, the current effects of work are presented to the client.

Each software project is divided into stages, according to which it is implemented.

Consultations with the client are the first stage of each project. The consultation consists of telling the exact specification, functionality, operation, appearance of the screens / graphics, as well as discussing the method and stages of project implementation.

The next step is the transition of our programmers to action and starting work in stages.


Preparation of application screens with graphics, preparation of MVP * applications along with the most important functionalities established in consultations. In the next stages, developers add other functionalities, carry out tests, introduce modifications, corrections, implement applications to stores and test all the software. While working on the software, we maintain constant contact with the customer in order to ensure the greatest possible customer satisfaction with the product. The final stage is the summary and maintenance of the application.


It is worth remembering, however, that the process of creating applications never really ends, along with the receipt of software by users, changes, modifications, patches increasing the efficiency and comfort of use can be introduced, and at any time there is the possibility of development and development of the software.

* MVP is an abbreviation for Minimum Viable Product, which is a product that is ready to be launched, but in its minimal edition. Defined enough to show the customer its value and give developers an insight into whether a given product meets their initial expectations and needs.

There is no such need, we offer our clients signing of a confidentiality agreement (NDA) before starting work and any consultations. The contract is concluded between our company and the client and obliges to exchange confidential materials, knowledge and ideas, subject to their further dissemination. We guarantee maximum data security and confidentiality.

Unfortunately, our company does not deal with creating graphics for created software, but we cooperate with a professional graphic team that performs our projects in accordance with the client’s vision.


Of course, it is also possible to use ready-made graphic templates, create graphics yourself or organize your team, or a graphic studio with which we will work.

Of course, every software we create receives a one-year warranty, under which we solve problems related to the operation of the software, correct any errors, and introduce minor corrections aimed at improving the efficiency and operation of the software.

Software Deployment

The cost of the deployment due to the lack of a fixed price list is always agreed directly with the client and partner of the given software.

The price depends on the number of users / positions, number of training needed as well as additional programming activities related to the best adaptation of the software to the client’s needs.

The duration of this process depends on the type of software selected, the number of users / workstations, hardware infrastructure and the time needed to adapt the software to the individual needs of the company.


We are able to determine the approximate time during our first consultation.

In most cases, the manufacturer does not directly implement its products.


The implementation and sale of products is carried out through verified and trusted partners, one of our partners is our company.

Each partner is required to complete courses, obtain certifications and undergo external training increasing competences and knowledge in the field of software implementation.


Partners are also verified by the manufacturer, which allows to increase the quality of services provided.

In case of any problems related to the operation of the software, thanks to the use of remote work, we help you solve your problems as soon as possible. You do not have to contact the software manufacturer directly, but with us, which means that help in case of problems comes immediately.

Obsługa Informatyczna

The same image is displayed on the customer’s and T2T SYSTEM’s device device, thanks to which the service technician has access to customer’s IT resources.

Our specialist can only start operations with prior knowledge and consent from the client. During remote work he gives all tips and instructions. Through remote assistance, it can also diagnose a problem requiring a customer visit.

Remote assistance and the connection itself can only be established at the user’s request. The user sees all on their screen all the time
activities performed by our specialist. It can also break the connection at any time. In addition, the connection is encrypted to increase security.

We strive to ensure that service requests are processed as quickly as possible. All tickets are allocated to the appropriate department in the company and processed by specialists responsible for it. In the case of an application which cannot wait, our specialists will process it immediately at the request of the customer and the urgency of the task.

Yes, of course, as far as possible, we try to help our clients remotely, but our specialists will come to the place if necessary.

As a company, we provide services for companies and institutions, but if you have any questions or problems, please contact us and we will certainly find a solution together.

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