Professional software deployment


Thanks to cooperation with renowned IT systems producers, we offer access to the latest software, services and IT systems available on the market!


Choosing the right software for your business is half the battle, the other half is the right implementation. Together with our partners, we help companies achieve success in both. We adapt and personalize programs to meet the specific needs of the company, migrate data, perform integration with other IT systems, train users, support employees during everyday work.

Microsoft 365

Access the integrated environment of Microsoft 365 services, designed to help you realize your passions and grow your business. Use applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and many others updated monthly with the latest security and functionality.



Microsoft Azure is a platform of IT services and solutions operating in the cloud. Providing a high level of security, unlimited possibilities for scaling your business, gigantic performance and a huge data storage.

Power BI

Power BI service is a powerful and professional solution for data analysis. It allows you to perform data visualizations using reports that let you make easier decisions in your company. Available from the mobile application and website.

Power BI

Comarch Optima

Comarch ERP Optima is the most popular solution for small and medium companies in every industry in Poland. Dedicated modules for specific areas in the company will ensure an optimal ERP system for company management.


Comarch products due to their reliability and dedicated solutions are also the most frequently chosen accounting software for accounting offices.

Security systems

Malware protection, unauthorized access to your computer, data and internet network security but also workstation protection, encryption and threat intelligence. ESET provides all these solutions ensuring security for us regardless of the size of the company.


Backup systems

Comprehensive backup and data recovery service for servers in StorageCraft technology. The technology allows for backup of physical and virtual servers operating Windows and Linux environments. Automation of backups and operation in accordance with the schedule, ensures the maximum level of data security.

Acess control and time attendance systems

Roger is a producer of systems characterized by quality and efficiency of operations. It offers constantly developing access control services with varying levels of complexity and funcionality. Attendance registration systems support the management and effectivness of the company. The manufucturer’s many years of experience guarantee the reliability of services.


Deployment Process


Analysis of the company's needs

The first step in the implementation process is to analyze the needs of the company or enterprise.

Solution selection

Then a team of specialists adjusts the best solution to meet the client's needs.

Adaptation to the company

Adaptation and adaptation of the software to the company's specifications and its individual components.

Staff training

Our staff trains all employees who have contact with the software.

Post-implementation care

The last stage is taking care of our client as well as help with any questions and providing knowledge.

Something is missing?

You are not sure if the software needed to achieve your company’s goals lies within the scope of our services? Nothing easier! Write an email or call and contact our team. We are happy to offer an appropriate solution and help solve problems.

something is missing